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Doggie Olympics Recap

Here's Your Recap of The Doggie Olympics:

If you weren’t able to make it to our event this past Sunday but are still curious as to how it went, here’s a brief recap of what you missed!

The countries represented were: China, France, Germany, Great Britain, and the USA and per each country, there were 5 dogs competing. Before the games started, each team and competitor walked in with their country’s flag and was announced to the spectators by name and breed.

There were hurdles, a marathon, diving, gymnastics, and balance beam for the pups and they were all such great athletes in their own way!

Many of the participants came decked out in gear representing their country and it was adorable seeing them sport such team spirit.

My personal favorite was the marathon event because some dogs really owned it and lasted a very long time. The marathon was on a doggie treadmill and some dogs looked at it with skepticism and then proceeded to dislike being on a moving belt, so they jumped off, but others embraced the treadmill and watching them “jog” on it was very impressive.

The finale was the diving event and the dogs were highly tentative in jumping into the kiddie pool, but watching them deliberate it was entertainment in itself. Only two contestants actually got into the pool, but every dog that tried definitely gave it a valiant effort.

Really, all throughout the evening the dogs gave each event their all and it was highly entertaining to watch because not only the dogs, but the owners, were really enjoying themselves and it was apparent.

In the end, team France was the overall winner! And for individual medals, Ted (Instagram: @ted_gram) took the gold, BeeBee (@beebeethemaltipoo) earned silver, and Clover (@thefourpawedclover) took home bronze! The medals they received were adorable edible treats shaped and decorated like real medals provided by Maison de Pawz! (As pictured below)

It was truly a fantastic event to watch, as all the dogs had such special talents to showcase. Photos by @kristieleephotographer @dogsandthecitydotnet

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