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The Importance of Doggie Playdates

We all had the joy of having playdates in our earlier years and our dogs deserve the same privilege. Playdates kept our young, budding social lives exciting and were always highly anticipated. Whether you got to go to a friend’s house that had a pantry of junk food your mom never let you have or you played games all day and watched movies past bedtime, playdates were definitely something to look forward to.

Well, now we should consider doing the same for our dogs! As much as they adore us, they need their fair share of fellow canine interaction. Having your pup romp around with a dog you encounter on your walk is great and all, and always encouraged, but having a full playdate really benefits both you and your furry friend. The ideal scenario would be that your dog and its playmate are around the same age so that one doesn’t tire out too easily, but an age gap is also fine, of course. As long as your dog gets a solid amount of time for a playdate, they will be thrilled. Other dogs offer an unparalleled energy that humans have a hard time maintaining. Therefore, letting pups run wild for 40 minutes or so is really the best form of exercise for both parties.

There are many ways to get your pup involved and active. This picture is from a recent playdate that was hosted by Dogways, an app for dog owners that informs pet parents about upcoming social events, meetups, and more. This is a great resource for getting dogs some quality exercise with fellow canine friends!

Playdates not only benefit our dogs, but us as well. While our pups are running around having fun we can do. It’s a great way for adults to meet other dog owners who have a common interest, dogs! It’s a great networking opportunity and a wonderful way to form friendships. So if you haven’t jumped on the doggie playdate bandwagon, we recommend you do!

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